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Anna Giorgi:


Straight out of NY born and raised in Westchester County, I am 1 of 6 siblings, 5 beautiful women and a lucky brother! I am a Co-owner/ hairstylist at Knotz Hair Studio in New Rochelle, NY. For the past 20+years I’ve successfully been responsible for making men and woman look and feel beautiful inside and out, that’s half my life I should point out, I am 39 years young 😊 Along this path is how I met and married the guy /waiter next door, and at that time didn’t know where we were going and who we were going to become.  This is when the power couple unfolded and our journey into the fitness world started!


12.5 years later I am now a resident of Stamford, CT, and married to Todd Giorgi, Owner of NY Strong in Mamaroneck, N.Y and USS NY State Rep. I am the proud mama of our daughter Jagger and our 5 senior, rescue fur babies!


By Todd’s side, I’ve been responsible for co-hosting all of NY Strong-est man and woman competitions since January 2016 and being a part of every detail how an organized, well run competition should be.  I am a current competitor in the sport, a LW Strong(wo)man since 2013 and have witnessed its growth, especially the growth of women in the sport! 😊


Getting involved in the sport of Strongman/woman has been life changing for me in so many ways. The inner strengths I never knew I had…mentally, emotionally, and physically. I love the old saying …. You can’t judge a book by its cover!!  It has helped me overcome so many life hurdles which we are all faced with… for sure there has been something that has happened in our lives …that has changed us, to get us where we are going and teaching me my self-worth. 


I’m excited to share my experience and change the lives of others, especially empowering women with the love and support I’ve received throughout the years in Strongman. Because no matter who you are, l believe the Strongman/woman community is the most competitive yet supportive sport that raises each other up, and there is NOTHING like it !!!!! 


I’m thrilled to take on the role and responsibility of USS State Representative for Connecticut!!! Stay tuned for my first annual ALL female completion coming early 2018!!!


Love, Anna Giorgi


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